New Life Church of God



God has provided facilities for us each step of our journey:

Our beginnings in the home of Deacon Phil & Deaconess Linda Wasler, July – August 2002

The New Life Church of God began under the direction and anointing of the Holy Spirit on July 28, 2002. Our congregation was initially made up primarily of former members of the Lincoln Avenue Church of God, located in the Lincoln-Larimer section of Pittsburgh, PA. The founding Pastor of the congregation, and still our current Senior Pastor, is Rev. Mark Kevin Richardson. From the beginning, this congregation was blessed with solid leadership from 8 Ordained Ministers, including the Senior Pastor, several Commissioned Ministers, and several Deacons and Deaconesses, as well as several other leaders in various capacities. The first several services of the congregation were held in the home of two charter members of the congregation, Deacon Philip and Deaconess Linda Wasler.

Wasler Manner
The Wasler’s & the Richardson’s
Our Humble Beginnings as a congregation

Our Time in the Penn Hills, PA Multi-Purpose Community Center, August 2002-April 2008

Penn Hills Multi-Purpose Community Center
Leroy & Rev. Betty Green

The church relocated to the Penn Hills Family Services Center through the generous help and blessings of Leroy and Rev. Betty Green, in September of 2002, and remained there until May 2008.

Worship at the Center, six years of set up and tear down services…

God’s blessing, our current facilities, New Life Church of God, Pittsburgh, May 2008 – Present

In May 2008, our congregation was blessed with the gift of our current facilities, at 1120 Greenfield Avenue in the Greenfield section of the City of Pittsburgh, by our state ministry, Western PA Ministries of the Church of God. Since our inception, the congregation has grown, and we have a desire to continue to grow in both numbers and spiritual maturity, until Christ comes again. We believe that we are on a sound foundation, Christ, and we have the building blocks in place to grow as He directs. Through our entire existence, our testimony is that the Lord Jesus Christ has been very good to us. He has done great things of which we are glad.

Our Current Church Building
Our Congregation at our 12th Anniversary