New Life Church of God

Vision & Goals


Whom We Are Trying To Reach For Christ

The vision statement of the New Life Church of God is simple, yet complex and profound. It well sums up the mission field of our church. Our vision statement is: Bringing new life to all walks of life. We believe that God will enlarge our borders to reach people from every aspect of society, every race, color, or background. We intend to reach into the communities of the area, the prisons, the schools and universities, the business world, the street gangs, the broken and dysfunctional homes, and wherever else God will direct and empower us. We see no one as beyond the grace and mercy of God. We want our church to look like the Antioch Church in the book of Acts, where the leadership and membership was completely diverse. This is a true picture of the Kingdom of God, men and women from every corner of the world and walk of life.

Goals and Strategies

Be a 24 x 7 church that reaches people where they are and helps lead them to where God wants them to be
  • A non-stop vigil of prayer teams to appropriate the will, power, and provision of God for lives
  • Evangelistic ministries that reach out to people from all walks of life, and lead them to Christ
  • Functional Ministries that serve around the clock to help all Christians live victoriously in Christ
  • Infrastructures that support and encourage Godly families, lifestyles, and pursuits
  • Endowments that fund our ministries perpetually
Be a church that equips the thousands who will equip the millions to reach the billions for Christ
  • Equip people of all ages to live and cherish Biblical relationships in the home, in the church, and in the world
  • Equip people of all ages to be leaders of integrity and quality in God’s Kingdom and in the world
  • Equip people to recognize and answer the call of God for ministry to build up of God’s Church
  • Develop resources that will help equip and encourage the Body of Christ at large
Be a church that replicates itself through the multiplication of congregations and missions as God empowers us
  • Strong partnership within our Movement to target areas for deployment of congregations and missions
  • On-going multiplication of congregations and missions planted in areas of need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Support of multiplied congregations and missions until they are fully functional and self-supporting
  • Commitment to a perpetual focus on replication which is passed down to daughter congregations and missions